ASPAC 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

The Queensland Museum is hosting the 2019 ASPAC Conference from September 4 to 6, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. The conference theme is "Science: Make the future you want!"

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ASPAC 2018 - Taipei, Taiwan

The National Taiwan Science Education Center hosted the 2018 ASPAC Conference from Sept. 5-7, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference theme was "Innovative Science Cuisine."

Visit the ASPAC 2018 Conference website for more information. 

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Science Centre World Summit (SCWS) 2017 - Tokyo, Japan

There was no ASPAC Conference in 2017, as the Science Centre World Summit – the triennial global meeting of professionals of science centres/museums and their networks – was hosted in the ASPAC region this year.


Miraikan - the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan, representing Asia and Pacific region hosted the summit from 15 -17 November 2017, with the theme of “Connecting the World for a Sustainable Future”. They discussed initiatives towards a sustainable future, long-term strategies on global issues, and the new roles for science centres in society.


More info is available on the summit website.  

ASPAC 2016 - Beijing, China

Hosted by the China Science & Technology Museum in Beijing, China, on 17-20 May 2016, the main theme of ASPAC 2016 was "Science Centres for All", referring to the expanding scope and the broadening audiences that our science centres serve. The plenary sessions, interactive group discussions and workshops focussed on four sub-themes:


  • Designing and Planning Exhibitions for Our Diverse Visitors

  • Public Engagement and Participation in Science Education: Free-choice Learning for Life Long Outcomes

  • Reaching and Engaging Online and Theatre Visitors

  • Marketing and Communication Strategies to Reach New Visitors and Retain Existing Visitors


Visit the conference website for more details.

ASPAC 2015 - Manila, Philippines

Hosted by The Mind Museum on 26-30 April 2015, ASPAC 2015 was an Inspirational Science Camp! With inspiring keynote speakers and parallel sessions planned and coordinated by Session Champions, the conference activities were engaging, playful, and interactive.

ASPAC 2014 - Brunei Darussalam

With the theme of ‘Building a Community through Science’, ASPAC 2014 had a strong community outreach component. Hosted by the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) in Brunei Darussalam, the four-day event on 5-8 May 2014 included the conference (6-7 May), the pre-conference ASPAC Outreach at OGDC, and the post-conference ASPAC Outreach at Schools.


The keynote, plenary discussions and parallel sessions focused on the sub-themes of 'Inspiring a literate science society', 'Inspiring science curriculum' and 'Science Centre - a source of Science, Technology and Innovation for the young minds.

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