International Design Competition for the Renovation of Guangdong Science Center Exhibition Halls

Updated: Apr 30

The design project is about the renovation of Guangdong Science Center (GDSC) exhibition halls which are already provided with infrastructure for exhibition and display. The renovation project involves a total investment of about CNY 75 million for a total exhibition area of about 6,700 m2, specifically about CNY 23.5 million for 2,000 m2 in "Aerospace" hall, about CNY 23.5 million for 2,000 m2 in "Ocean" hall, and about CNY 28 million for 2,700 m2 in "Basic Science" hall. The total investment mentioned above is based on the exhibition detailing and fabrication costs in the Chinese mainland, and the designers should take note of the cost difference among different countries/regions.

Competition requirements: Provide concept design for the aforesaid three exhibition halls respectively (see Chapter II of the Competition Document for details).

More information here.

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