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Our Value Proposition

  • We are a group of science engagement institutions located in the Asia Pacific region and/or have interests in the region, who communicate science in the service of sustainability for people and planet;

  • We engage in collaborative professional development through regular conferences, masterclasses and the like;

  • We recruit various methods of science and tech communications including but not limited to creating and hosting exhibitions, shows, workshops, seminars, fairs and festivals;

  • We reach a wide range of audiences that cover the spectrum in terms of admissions to our facilities and our outreach programs;

  • We serve as the breeding/training ground for effective science communication as a distinct profession or as a skill that others would want to develop.

  • We serve as a uniquely creative public platform for science and technology highlights and advances.

  • Capacity building through a yearly free (registration) ASPAC Masterclass for Emerging Leaders (AMEL) and other network virtual and physical activities like the Annual Conference symposiums etc conducted by members;

  • Partnerships and Collaborations like the International Science Drama Competitions; and

  • Asia-Pacific Leadership Perspectives on Science Engagement.

Membership Guidelines (2022)

If you are any of the following, you can be an ASPAC member:

  • Science centers/museums

  • Public, private or corporate institutions. groups in and/or with interest in Asia Pacific,  that considers public engagement with science and technology as its main or one of its top objectives;

  • ”Public science and tech engagement”  includes but is not limited to physical and online exhibitions, physical or online campaigns, public forum and discussions on scientific and tech issues;

  • May be government-based, government-supported institutions or private or corporate foundations;

  • University-based centers for science communication

  • Related commercial or non-commercial outfits such as those in exhibition, tech, and nature-based orgs

  • Other formally organized groups  that do not fall in groups above may be considered for review provided that they are mainly engaged in public engagement with science and tech;

TIERS OF MEMBERSHIP according to fees

Full Members



Science Center/Museum located in the ASPAC region

Associate Members



Science centers/museums belonging mainly in other networks/regions and national networks of science museums and related networks

Sustaining Members



Related industries in science and tech engagement and Corporate Foundations

Other Members


fees vary

Those who do not belong in any of the tiers above and subject to case to case review for membership including membership fee
Compare Membership Benefits






Present/participate in Share-2-Learn and other webinars

Present/participate in ASPAC Masterclass for Emerging Leaders

Get Featured in ASPAC Newsletter

Participate in the CEO Forum during other conferences/events

Use "member rate" on annual conference registration

Join International Directors Forums

For national networks, benefit is only applicable to the official representatives

For national networks, benefit is only applicable to the official representatives

For national networks, newsletters will only be sent to the official contact. Individual members of national networks cannot be featured in the newsletters individually unless they have a separate exoplanet membership.

For national networks, only the head of the network may attend the CEO Forum. Heads of individual member institutions from national networks cannot be considered unless they have a separate exoplanet membership.

For national networks, benefit is only applicable to the official representatives

Benefits will be determined on a case to case basis

Get Priority in Marketplace Registration in Annual Conferences

Join the ASPAC Executive Committee

How to join

1. Fill out the Membership Application Form

To help us evaluate your membership eligibility, kindly fill out the appropriate forms below:

For Prospective Asteroid Applicants, kindly email the ASPAC Executive Director directly to assess your membership eligibility.

2. Email form to the ASPAC Executive Director
Once you have filled out the form, kindy send it to ASPAC Executive Director, Maribel Garcia ( along with the required attachments.
3. Wait for Invoice of Fees
After we have assessed your membership eligibility and category, the ASPAC Admin Officer will invoice the applicant institution for the joining fee and the annual fees.
4. Settle your Fees
The membership application process will be completed upon receipt of payment.

A joining fee of US$110 is required for new members.


For existing members, the ASPAC Admin Officer will invoice the member institution for the annual fee. Payment options are set out on the invoice.

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