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Welcoming our new ED; birth of ALOs

Maribel Garcia (The Mind Museum, the Philippines), shown here on the photo "sliding into the job" as Andy Giger (Science Center Singapore ) put it, thanks everyone who expressed their trust and support after her appointment last July as ASPAC Executive Director.

Together with the Exec Council led by TM Lim (Science Centre Singapore) as President, they are reaching out to members for ideas as to how we can strengthen even more the unique bonds that the diverse cultures across the Asia Pacific region can forge! We would love to hear from you - not just the heads of the organizations but anyone who thinks they have ideas to contribute.

We would also be sending a separate email requesting each FULL member institution to assign an ASPAC Liaison Officer (ALO) because it takes more than the CEOs to make ASPAC a dynamic, collaborative association. Please start thinking about whom you will assign for that role. S/he should not be the CEO of the institution as we already have that in place.

We think we will be stronger and more dynamic if we form a networked channel to the pulse of your institutions!

Email Maribel for your ideas and assigned ALO.

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