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Be a Speaker at ASPAC's Share2Learn #2!

Dear ASPAC family,

We are inviting interested ASPAC speakers as well as participants to ASPAC's second Share-2-Learn.

The purpose of Share-2-Learn is to deepen lively discussions on familiar topics that would lead to exciting collaborations.

The first Share-2-Learn session was held on December 2020 on the theme of “SDGs”. The next session is planned on April 28th, 2021 on the theme of “Pain Points of Science Communication”. Below are the details:

What: Share-2-Learn #2 Title: Pain Points of Science Communication Date: Wednesday, April 28 Time: 3 pm (JST +9) Format: Online (Zoom) CALL FOR SPEAKERS We are now calling for speakers for Share-2-Learn across the ASPAC family- not only Full Members but also Sustaining and Associate Members. Most presentations are about sharing success stories and those are useful. But the master teacher is "failure." Thus, this time, we want to welcome your openness to share your meaningful mistakes, challenges, difficulties and lessons learned to help you succeed. We are inviting speakers who will share their stories related to science communication, from daily failures to major ones, especially how you and your organization recovered from them. We all do science communication and we need to make it evolve by reflecting and innovating on past practices. Join Share-2_Learn and let your voice and your insights be shared with the ASPAC family! Topic focus: Your presentation should focus on your professional experience in science communication as it relates to lessons you learned from mistakes that could lead to more effective ways in engaging the audience, promote understanding, co-creating experiences and, if possible, lead to action. Speaker benefits: As a speaker in Share-2-Learn, you and your organization can gain increased visibility throughout the ASPAC family. You will be able to promote value, expertise and experience on relevant science communication areas to the ASPAC family. Speakers will also receive feedback and innovative suggestions from international and multifaceted perspectives as well as a valuable opportunity to network for future collaboration within the ASPAC family. Apply to be a Speaker for Share-2-Learn: Selection and arrangement of speakers will take place right after the deadline of this open call. Those who are selected will be notified and asked to give a presentation on April 28th. Please fill out the attached application form and send it to <> by April 6th. Share-2-Learn is an initiative of a group from the 1st ASPAC Masterclass for Emerging Leaders (AMEL) held last year composed of the 6 organizers below:

  • Dr. Florence Francis / Science Centre Singapore

  • Ms. Carol Pobre / The Mind Museum (Philippines)

  • Ms. Jihye Lim / National Science Museum (South Korea)

  • Mr. Patrick Lau / Hong Kong Science Museum

  • Dr. Zhao Yang / China Science and Technology Museum

  • Ms. Yuko Okayama / Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Japan)

On behalf of the 6 organizers above, I would like to thank you for your time, as always. Please do help your ASPAC family evolve to be better and get engaged and apply as a Speaker and/or join Share-2-Learn on April 28!

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