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ASPAC needs images of your roaming science shows!

Dear ASPAC members,

We are getting there but we need more! We need more powerful images that will help with the ASPAC video we are doing for the SCWS 2017.

#1: A special shout-out to all the very responsive institutions, especially Scitech, Science Center Singapore, Petrosains, GNSM in Korea, Questacon, NSTM Taiwan, The Mind Museum, Macau Science Center, and Jiangxi Science and Technology Museum. These institutions have swiftly and enthusiastically responded to our call for powerful images. Thank you so much!

#2: Now, we also want to make a specific call for images of "roving" science shows that clearly show your activities extend far beyond your institutions. You could include images of the buses, trucks, trains, planes and automobiles you ride to help you reach far beyond your base.

For those who have not yet sent any images yet, we hope you can really make time to do so. You have until Sept. 29 to do so. We are aiming for a tapestry made up of the wonderful swatches of the work that each of our institutions do. Stronger, better, together, right ASPAC? We are counting on you.


Maribel Garcia

ASPAC Executive Director

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