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5-Step Gameplan for Celebrating ISCSMD!

1. Plan and conduct an activity for Nov 10 which you are passionate about, to highlight the role of science centers and science museums. You can also align with activities suggested in the ISCSMD website.

The SDGs projected on Questacon last November.

The UN SDGs projected on Questacon's building. (@questacon official Twitter)

2. Fill up the SHORT form in this shared sheet. It will ask you for the following (example below):

  • Name of Institution (e.g. The Mind Museum, Philippines)

  • Title of Nov 10 Activity (e.g.Science and Peace)

  • 40-word description of Nov 10 activity; (e.g. The Mind Museum will extend museum hours till 9PM and will screen talks on the science of "understanding" and "dialogue", have music performances with "peace" as theme", and hold Origami Dove peace messages that guests can make and we can show at the Museum lobby.)

  • your contact person's email address (e.g.

(DEADLINE is Oct 20, Friday)

3.Visit the ISCSMD website and know about the activities and put your center's activity on the map!

4. By Oct 12, you will receive a broadcast of all the activities you have sent to me. That will give all of us the chance to see how immense and varied our activities are around the region on Nov 10. It will also give you a chance to see if you could co-celebrate with another science center/museum virtually! Wouldn't that even be more awesome if you could collaborate with another science center?

5. Because of ISCSMD, we shall get to know each other better across the region and the world - stronger, better, together (we really think so!)!

Science centers and science museums have November 10 - International Science Center and Science Museum Day or ISCSMD - as that ONE special day reserved for them by UNESCO, to highlight our institutions' role in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Join the celebration now!

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