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Meet the newly-elected Executive Council!

Dear ASPAC members,

We are pleased to announce the new set of ASPAC Council Executive Officers:

For the elected officers:

1. Prof. TM Lim (Science Center Singapore), President

2. Prof. Graham Durant (Questacon, Australia), Vice-President

3. Rieko Chihana (Miraikan, Japan), Secretary

4. Dr. Claire McGowan (Science Alive, New Zealand), General Councillor

For the co-opted General Councillors:

5. Mr. Yin Hao (China Science and Technology Museum, China)

6. Prof. Rawin Raviwong (NSM- Thailand)

7. Dr. Daniel Loy (Petrosains, Malaysia)

8. Dr. Chen Hsuch-Yu (NTSEC, Taiwan): 2018 host of ASPAC Conference)

9. Dr. Alexander Hayward (Queensland Museum, Australia): 2019 host of ASPAC Conference

The terms of all the above members, except for Dr. Hsuch-Yu and Dr. Hayward, will start immediately until after the end of the SCWS in 2020.

The terms of Dr. Hsuch-Yu and Dr. Hayward will end after they have hosted and reported on the outcome of the respective ASPAC conferences in their host institutions.

We are also extending our deep gratitude to the outgoing Executive officers who have served us over the past 2 years, namely:

1. Saiful Bahri Baharom (Petrosains, Malaysia)

2. Geng Tu (Miraikan, Japan)

3. Nahoko Ando (Miraikan, Japan)

4. Minjung Kim (NSM-Korea)

5. Graham Walker (Australian National University)

6. Aphiya Hathayatham (NSM- Thailand)

Thank you very much to all those who participated in the elections.

Your new Exec Council is ready to serve.


Maribel Garcia

ASPAC Executive Director

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