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3 Easy steps to make ASPAC videos on "Science is a Human Right" for ISCSMD

Dear ASPAC Family,

We hope you are having a great day. :)

This is a call for ASPAC members geographically located in the Asia-Pacific region.

As we agreed upon in our last awesome ASPAC Conference in Taiwan a few weeks ago, we will make our voices heard on Nov 10, 2018 - the UN-assigned International Science Center and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD).

Here are 3 easy steps to follow:

1. Check the Tokyo Protocol items below to see which one your organization would like to reflect on the 30-60 second video you will prepare:

  • TP# 2 Undertake actions relevant and appropriate to local communities with consideration for the SDGs;

  • TP# 9 Establish new and strengthen existing partnerships and collaborations with other organisations and entities that share the commitment of science centres and science museums to raise public awareness and engagement toward timely success in achieving the SDGs;

  • TP# 4 Support advancement in the number, capabilities and efforts of science centres and science museums everywhere to achieve progress in meeting the SDGs;

  • TP# 7 Support the organisation of collective worldwide public STEM activities, wherever possible, to include observance of an annual international science centre and science museum day, consistent with intent of action item #7 of the Mechelen Declaration, but modifying in scope from an international year to an annual international day.

2. Make a 30-60 second material (video, collage, a slideshow) based on #1 AND find a way to please include someone who will say "Science is a human right" in your native language (with English subtitle that will read "science is a human right"). "Science is a human right" (in english or in your own language) may also be a "voice-over" with "subtitle" (if the voice-over is not in english).

3. Please send the material (in any of these formats:mp4,jpg,png,pptx) to me ( by Friday, Oct 28, 2018.

On Nov 10, 2018, we will take care of posting it on our ASPAC Facebook page and ASPAC website according to timezones, starting with videos from our members in New Zealand and ending with our members in Turkey. We will also link it to the ISCSMD website.

If we amplify our voices, we amplify our impact!

Thank you very much ASPAC family and we are really excited to receive your videos!

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