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UN Survey, ASPAC Queensland 2019 and NSTM Automaton

UNESCO request to ASPAC members!

UNESCO is requesting ASPAC members to fill out this questionnaire. This could help them better understand the role of science centers/museums and STEM or STEAM education in the Asia Pacific region. We urge you to please fill out the questionnaire by the deadline of Feb 1, 2019.

VERY SOON: Call for Abstracts for ASPAC 2019!

NSTM's Wonderland of Wood Dolls Automaton Traveling Exhibition

NSTM's wooden automata exhibition conveys a lively animated story and appeals to the child within us all. With 76 pieces of creative wood dolls which were hand-made by three Taiwanese artists, they are animated with gears and include puppets, living in a fantasy castle that takes visitors on a unique and fascinating yet educational adventure.

Automata reflect the local craft technologies and cultural styles across thousands of years the world over. They are also historical evidence of technological exchanges between the east and the west. Total Area Requirement is around 300 Square Meters. Members of ASPAC who may be interested in this traveling exhibition, please contact:

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