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The International Directors Forum 2023 (IDF23): ASPAC Pre-registration

Dear ASPAC CEOs of "Planets" (full members),

As I have previously shared with you, on November 14–17, 2023, we will hold the first International Directors Forum (IDF2023) in Helsinki, Finland hosted by Heureka. The six regional science engagement networks of ASPAC, ASTC, Ecsite, NAMES, RedPOP and SAASTEC are collaborating with Heureka to produce a high-level science engagement meeting for the CEOs of member institutions. The program will center on sharing among the leadership in our organizations how we can tackle Misinformation and the Planetary Crisis. There are 40 slots available to ASPAC CEOs but BEFORE you can register for the IDF by the end of March, you have to fill in this sheet. After you submit the completed sheet, you will receive a unique code to enter in the registration when the IDF registration is ready. IDF 2023 is for CEOs of "Planet" (full members) only. It is a safe space for exchanges for the leadership across the networks. Should a CEO cannot attend but want to send a deputy, please email me first before you pre-register. For more detailed information on the IDF2023 including the program, pricing and accommodations, please click here. You can also direct your questions to me if you cannot find the information you need for you to be able to decide.

This first of a kind International Directors Forum will stimulate discussion and the sharing of knowledge between senior leaders, with a balance between practical and strategic topics. With only 200 CEO participants, those who will attend are expected to significantly contribute in the discussions as this is a unique chance to be with CEOs from even other networks in the world. The language in IDF 2023 will be in English.

Thank you very much, CEOs of ASPAC. We hope you will be able to actively participate in IDF2023.



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