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ASPAC Creative Award Nominations are NOW OPEN!

The nominations for the ASPAC 2022 Creative Awards are now open!

Entries are open to all ASPAC Planet members (used to be called "FULL" members) in good standing, to self-nominate their most creative and inspiring projects in 3 categories:

  1. Shows

  2. Exhibits/Exhibitions, and

  3. Other Projects that do not fall in the 2 categories above.

In your entry, you will be asked to provide evidence of your project's creativity, impact and relevance. A maximum of two (2) entries is permitted per institution - so please select your BEST projects. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Friday, August 12, 2022 (12 midnight in your timezone).

Judging by the Creative Awards Committee of the ASPAC Executive Council will take place in August-September 2022 and winners will be announced at the ASPAC Conference in October in Bursa, Turkey. To submit your entries: 1. Please complete the entry form attached; 2. Provide supporting evidence for your project, up to a maximum of 1GB in size; and

3. Please note projects must have been started, completed and launched to the public since January 2020. Note: Where a project was implemented in partnership between two or more organisations, one single entry and a lead organisation should be agreed between the partners.

Please email your completed application form (attached) with supporting files to

Wait no further! Huddle with your teams now and choose which one or two you will nominate! We are excited to receive your submissions!!!

Download PDF • 49KB

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