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Delivering the Human Future

Delivering the Human Future

An online global discussion of the megarisks facing humanity – and what we can do about them

March 20-21: livestreamed worldwide. Starting: 1pm PDT


Avoiding a ‘ghastly future’: Em Prof Paul Ehrlich

Pandemics and the future of global health: Dr Soumya Swaminathan, WHO

Global Water Scarcity: Prof Peter Gleick

Hothouse Earth and how to avoid it: Em Prof Will Steffen

Extinction and the future of humanity: Prof Gerardo Ceballos

Taming the Nuclear Menace: Prof Tilman Ruff

Facing population overgrowth: Dr Jane O’Sullivan

An economy to save the Earth: Dr Laurie Laybourn

Clean Up the Planet: Prof Ravi Naidu

AI and other risky technologies: Prof Toby Walsh

The Age of Renewable Food: Julian Cribb


Help promote the Conference Public Livestream

If you are able to promote the Conference and engage a global public audience to watch the livestream, please encourage people to follow our social media channels where the livestream details will be announced closer to the date:

People can also subscribe to our mailing list on our website to keep up to date on both the Conference and future activities of The Council for the Human Future.

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