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Fantastic ASPAC Queensland 2019!

On behalf of the ASPAC Network, we would like to voice out a great HURRAH to the Queensland Museum for the amazing conference last week!!!

The keynote sessions were deep and thought-provoking. The parallel sessions were diverse and gave voices to an array of our concerns across the network. The openness and honesty that marked the sessions opened the doors for camaraderie. The conversations that happened in between were lively and most of all, there are exciting indications of future collaborations among the members.

In the words of TM, we have "reached a new level of maturity" as a network and we are so grateful to Jim,Thompson and Amy Boulding and their remarkable team at the Queensland Museum for having created the space and conditions for such kind of coming together. We would like to acknowledge the traditional elders of the land of Australia, past and emerging, for the beautiful experience of their land. Thank you very much Queensland Museum! 

The ancient Silk Road had pitstops called "caravanserais" where travellers took their rest and engaged with others with their stories. It became the wellsprings of stories - joys, struggles- and show-and-tell goods from various travellers. Our conferences form part of the "caravanserai" and I think it is a shared feeling across the network that we are grateful to be part of the ASPAC network.

Science is a human endeavor and it is a journey. May our journeys bring us to break bread, give comfort, share wisdom, and most of all work together.

May it not be long before any of us engage with another traveler in our ASPAC journey. 

Thank you so much to all of you for making ASPAC 2019 a great success!

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