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"How can science centers contribute to a better world?": A Post AMEL exchange

Dear ASPAC family,

As a wonderful offshoot of AMEL, a group of AMEL participants initiated a plan to do an exchange where anyone from the network can participate. It will be on Dec 9. Please see details below and scan the QR code to register.

The ASPAC leadership is very happy about this encouraging development that exchanges are starting to happen in the various layers of our network. We really hope to see more of these. Just send me an email if others want to broadcast other kinds of exchanges and collaborations.

See you on Dec 9!

Hang in there, ASPAC family. The year "2020" has been extraordinarily tough but it also gave us an unmatched opportunity to distill our purpose and strengthen our relationships with each other. We will all get to a better place but only if we care for each other and keep sharing.

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