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Letter of ASPAC EXCO to our Members on the War in Ukraine

March 7, 2022

"We, the Executive Council of the Asia-Pacific Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASPAC), stand in solidarity with the independent country of Ukraine and its people, against the invasion by Russia. Our hearts go out to one of our members, the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine."

"ASPAC, as a network of science engagement organizations, stands for peace and respect of a country’s sovereignty as the foundation of human engagement for a better world. As a sector keenly and deeply aware of how all of us are connected across time and space, we re-affirm in the strongest of terms, the primacy of reason and empathy to resolve conflicts. We therefore condemn the violent disrespect of and attack on these connections and the failure of reason and total disregard for empathy, and call on Russia to stop the attack on Ukraine."

"We would like to call on the members of ASPAC as well as the partners of our member institutions to do what they deem would be helpful to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine."

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