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The six regional networks of science centres and museums that span the globe––ASPAC, ASTC, Ecsite, NAMES, RedPOP, and SAASTEC––are together offering three online Forums for their members’ chief executives on the science-engagement field response to, and recovery from, the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the Covid-19 crisis, science centres and museums, as well as other science engagement organisations worldwide, are facing similar challenges and opportunities, which affect and modify their financial sustainability, their organisational structures and needs, and their societal role.  

In these three Forums, up to 85 leaders from around the world will share their reflections and put their collective intelligence together to understand, focus, and distill the new opportunities and challenges brought by the pandemic. 

The dates, the times, the themes

September 29, from 12 PM UTC to 2 PM UTC:

Planning for Financial Sustainability 

October 27, from 12 PM UTC  to 2 PM UTC:

Managing Change and Shaping Our Organizations

November 17, from 12 PM UTC to 2 PM UTC:

Envisioning Our Societal Role

More information on the session themes and breakout-session topics will be provided in early September. 


Each virtual Forum will last 2 hours, with plenary moments and intimate break-out sessions. 

A maximum of 85 chief executives--up to 15 representatives per region--will be welcomed in a space safe for discussions, without recording, proceedings, or observers.  

How can I register

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis, handled by each of the networks to ensure global participation. Access to the online forums will be limited to chief executives. 

Registration will open on AUGUST 22. REGISTRATION DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

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