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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Dear ASPAC family, Your Executive Council members had a recent videocon and like all of you, everyone is in a "rethink" mode. In the culture across Asia Pacific, the twin existence of "crisis and opportunity" is a familiar one. More than ever, the need for exchanges of ideas and insights between and among us and the collective wisdom we can harness, should happen. We greatly encourage this, not just among the CEO's, but also among all the different working groups of our institutions.  Each of our centres/museums are on a different count since we all closed. But we all knew it was going to radically change after this. The frenzy of schoolchildren coming into our doors; The families who treated our spaces as their weekend harbors; The brimless and bottomless story-telling work of learning; The hands-and-feet juggling of mission versus margin; The grand plans of things-as-usual All these now suddenly in a deep pause. Now we have to RE-Think: How could we be better prepared the next time anything of this scale happens? In what form/shape will we reopen with our audiences still trusting us or trusting us even more? How could we be of better service to our audiences and each other in these times and when it happens again? What kind of organizational changes in structure would be best to adapt to sudden changes like this which could be the new normal? We have avenues for these exchanges:

  • Our ASPAC FB page ( you can start discussions);

  • ASPAC Viral Times Googlesheet status (this has a column on what each of our members are doing now);

  • You can set up your own telecons and videocons with the friends you have met in ASPAC conferences before just to ask them how they are;

  • Email ( you can send an email to anyone you want including your own CEOs to start and exchange with and you can cc others you want to include which can start and grow in a thread).

The hearts that can take in private and collective sorrow are the same hearts that will rise sovereign over it with fresh new ideas, workable solutions and a joy that we know all too well working in our centres for the shared mission we all love.  We hope you can send this ASPAC letter to your entire organization so anyone can start their conversations with their ASPAC friends.  We shall ride this wave, together.

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