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What kind of ASPAC projects do you want to work on?

Dear ASPAC Family,

During ASPAC Brisbane, when the ASPAC leaders had a conversation with you during the opening, the leadership pledged to engage our members in collaborative ASPAC-supported projects that will help solve problems.  We agreed that we will ask you what kind of science engagement projects that non-CEO leaders in your team would like to work on, together with other leaders of ASPAC member institutions.

So far, some of the projects that have been suggested are:

  • Plastics in the ocean

  • Food security issues

  • Aging societies

  • Technology-related issues

We would like to hear from the non-CEO young leaders in your team. We will wait for their suggested topics until Oct 30, Wednesday. While you think about more topics, we strongly encourage that you get in touch with your friends in other ASPAC member institutions to ask them if they would want to work on the same topic with you. You can include a note about that when you send your suggested topic. Once we get your topics, we will get in touch with you on the next steps. Meanwhile, please think about those topics you would want to work on with your ASPAC friends. ASPAC will fund it and help you make it happen!  Send your topics by October 30 to me via email: We can't wait to hear your exciting ideas! And remember, you also promised to be more responsive to ASPAC calls!  Thank you for your time! Maribel

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