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ASPAC will miss Szu-yi!

Updated: May 17, 2019

Dear ASPAC Famly,

With heavy heart, we would like to let the ASPAC family know that Ms. Szu-yi Lo of NSTM Kaohsiung Taiwan, passed away last May 8.

Szu-yi was a vibrant and active member of our science center network. In my encounters with her, she has always been so warm and helpful. She had a lot of ideas and put them to work immediately. I have always sensed such dedication and passion in the work she did and greatly admired her for it.

In ASPAC 2018 in Taiwan, she was checked in at the same hotel that my team and I were staying so we shared the pleasure of morning greetings and the bus rides to NTSEC.

I have, in large part, associated science museum work in Taiwan with Szu-yi since I have met her even in the early years when I was still being initiated in the ASPAC network. She was among those who made me feel welcome.

Thank you Szu-yi for the friendship. The ASPAC family will always be grateful that you were part of our family,

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