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FREE Masterclass for ASPAC Science Communicators (July 28-29, 2022)

Updated: May 17, 2022

Something really exciting is coming up!

As promised, we will have another Virtual ASPAC Masterclass for Emerging Leaders (AMEL) and this year, it will be for our science communicators!

This year's AMEL will be led by a group of Science Master Troupers (SMTs) namely Prof. Graham Walker (ANU), Patrick Helean (Questacon), Mikee Estorga (The Mind Museum), Pecier Decierdo (The Mind Museum), and Britt Lewis (Questacon).

The Virtual AMEL will be held on July 28-29, 2022, from 08:30 to 15:30 (GMT+8).

Registration is absolutely FREE for all ASPAC members of good standing (i.e., they have paid their membership dues). For now, the limit is 2 registrants per ASPAC member institution BUT we will have a waiting list in case we have room for more.

Please register here as soon as possible. Deadline for registration is July 10.

IF you are receiving this notice and you are NOT a science communicator, please pass it on to the science communicators in your organization so they can consider.

We can't wait to have our brilliant science communicators across our network come together for AMEL 2022!

Thank you very much.

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