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[Free Resources] "Hook Your Audience" and a Study on Taman Pintar Science Center in Yogyakarta


by Paul McCrory

Paul McCrory is an informal educator and trainer based in the UK. Paul shared with us his new book, "Hook Your Audience", which is a toolkit of techniques to engage children and family audiences in interactive, educational presentations. The full text of the book is available online until the end of October 2021. Check it out at

The Economic Impact of Taman Pintar Science Center in Yogyakarta

by Nia Dianti

Nia Dianti, a former employee of Taman Pintar Science Center Indonesia, finished her master's degree at Yokohama National University in 2018. Nia who is deeply in love with the education field is now working as a non-formal teacher. She shares with us her thesis on the economic impact of Taman Pintar Science Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In case you are interested in her study, you may download a copy below:

Economic Impact of The Taman Pintar Science Center on The Local Economy in Yogyakarta
Download PDF • 721KB

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